Nicaragua is as most cuntries in the world, affected by the new corona virus. There are no official restrictions in place in Nicaragua, but as people took their own security measures, some hotels, restaurants and bars have been closed because of lack of clients. The epidemic seem to have calmed down in August-September, and by now, most businesses are open again. That includes beaches, parks, museums etc. and most hotels and restaurants.

Our hotel and restaurant are open as normal, but we have put into place several measures to safeguard the security of our staff an clients. All our staff have their temperature checked when they enter, and the same for our clients. All our staff are using nose-and-mouth masks when attending clients. We have stepped up our already high level of cleanliness and there is disinfectant available at the reception and the restaurant.

The airport in Managua is open, and Avianca renitiated flights to San Salvador and Miami on September 19. To enter Nicaragua, a negative PCR test made maximum 72 hours before arrival is required, and the passenger will have to provide passport information to the airline om beforehand. The other airlines have indicated that they will start services the first week of October (Aeromexico, United Airlines, American Airlines and Spirit). COPA has not provided any date yet.