Nicaragua reported its first verified case  of the new corona virus on March 18, and by May 26 there are 759 officially confirmed cases and 35 deaths. Worst hit in the region are  Panama (11,728 officially confirmed cases and 315 deaths) and Honduras (4,640 officially confirmed cases and 196 deaths). There are no restrictions in place in Nicaragua, but as people take their own security measures, some hotels, restaurants and bars have closed because of lack of clients. Beaches, parks, museums etc. are open.

Our hotel and restaurant are open as normal, but we have put into place several measures to safeguard the security of our staff an clients. All our staff have their temperature checked when they enter, and the same for our clients. All our staff are using nose-and-mouth masks when attending clients. And we have stepped up our already high level of cleanliness.

There are presently no flights to or from Nicaragua, but it is expected that flights will resume in end June or start-July, probably with a reduced schedule due to the fall in demand.